Time to Vote – Tile Floor

Howard reminded me that I should have set up a poll yesterday to vote on which direction we should lay our new 12×24 tile floor! He knows he’s probably going to win this battle.  And that’s ok. I need your opinions!

As a reminder, or if you are new, here is what our bathroom looks like now. Oh boy am I getting sick of looking at this photo!

Our options are to lay the tile with the length of the room like this:



Or lay the tile perpendicular to the room like this:



All of my research suggests that there are pros and cons to laying the tile each way. Laying tiles with the length of the room can make the room look long and narrow like a bowling alley. But it requires fewer tiles. And laying the tiles perpendicular to the room can create a visual blockage. And we don’t want any blockage problems in the bathroom – har har.. I had to insert that little bit of potty humor.

So, which layout do you like best?

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