Weekend in Paradise

This weekend was paradise in our backyard. The sky was blue and the temperature reached the mid-70’s! This weather is unheard of in New England in March. Typically we wouldn’t be surprised to have one last freak snowstorm this time of year.

We surrendered to a day of yard work, riding bikes, and wearing freakishly comfortable clothing.

We got a few items checked off the to-do list including spraying dormant oil on the trees. This is one of the preventative tips people in our neighborhood are taking to stop the spread of winter moths.

It was also a great weekend to get some gardening done. Howard made a sieve to screen the garden soil. We are now all ready to start planting.

My efforts were spent dragging last year’s planters out of the garage. The decorative grass survived the winter and is now out in the sun. I’m hoping a little water and full sunlight will return the pots to their former brilliant green.

An attempt to burn some of the brush was also made. Everyone in the neighborhood was burning.

Only our fire spread to the stump that was just recently ground and we had a fire in the ground that had to be extinguished.

The only bad part of the weekend were the mosquito bites that I suffered as the sun set on Sunday. Can you believe those are out already? I think we are going to have one buggy summer!

What did you do this weekend?

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