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It felt good to take a week off from blogging. I just didn’t feel like it last week. We have had a few weekends of traveling and entertaining so nothing has been done around the house that is blog worthy. Unless, you consider mopping the kitchen floors twice in one weekend interesting.

And the house has been in a state of less-than-perfect as of late. We learned that the cat is sick and there is nothing we can do. Her little nose is dripping blood. The couch is covered and the rugs are rolled up.

There are extra sheets on the bed.

We are just trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She seems to know this and is taking full advantage of extra feedings and lap time. She is also getting extra time outside and I’m letting her roam a little more. Her new favorite game is to hide in front of the house along the main road and wait for me to find her. Then the chase is on! This little one loves to be chased.

Keeping up this page is supposed to be fun and it’s not fun when it’s forced. Coming up with content for this page day after day is hard when we keep full-time jobs and live real lives. Sometimes I think that blogging about food would be a lot easier but I doubt there is much interest in hearing which type of cereal we ate for dinner.

Thanks for understanding. I’ve got a few new posts planned for this week so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Heather says:

    I’m so sad to hear about Mishu. I hope she can get better soon. Big hugs to you and Howard. Keep me (and the rest of your blog readers) posted.


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