Bug House

No, this post is not about the bugs inside the house..it’s about our new Beneficial Bug House!  This house is supposed to attract garden friendly bugs that will help to eat pests and pollinate the plants. Howard ordered this house from gardeners.com a few months ago and it’s been hanging out in our porch. I decided it was time to hang up this house to let some new friends move in before the summer.

The upstairs floor is supposed to attract solitary bees and the middle and bottom parts attract pest eating friends like ladybugs. The middle floor even opens up so you can add sticks to get the bugs started.

We hung the new bug house on the back corner of the garden.

Let’s hope our new friends help with our garden this year. Last year’s crop was not as successful as we had hoped.

I’ll be sure to make more photos of the little bugs if they decide to take up residency here. It will be fun to watch!

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