Outdoor Fixture Replacement

The new post light fixture finally arrived and we had some time to install it over the weekend. This new fixture replaces the fixture that was knocked down by the tree company. They deny that they hit the post but the we strongly suspect otherwise as you can read about here.

The new fixture is slightly smaller than the old fixture. But that’s fine because the other post light has a different onion light fixture too. We  never even noticed this until we had to start searching for a replacement. Perhaps this is not the first time this post light has been knocked over.

Replacing a post light proved to be pretty easy. Howard wired in the fixture and then I just had to screw the decorative part on top.

It was funny to see the photos from the installation and realize that I’m only three steps up the ladder! I felt like I was up so high.

Easy does it coming back down!

It was great to get a few things checked off the list this weekend.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

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