Something Shiny and New

We have been staring at the spray painted light fixture in the kitchen for 21 months. It took us a long time to find a new fixture that would not hang as low and block the sight of our guests from the kitchen.

We took a risk and placed an order for the Quoizel New England three light fixture sight unseen. We first assembled it and held it up to make sure we wanted to go ahead with the installation. Once it was installed it could not be returned.

It was easy to see what an improvement this new fixture would be. So next it was time to take down the old fixture.

Only it came crashing down.

That’s ok because we had Mishu on standby in case we needed some extra help. She’s really great at helping to clean up.

After the mess was cleaned up, we moved on to the next challenge. The previous light fixture used a very slim pancake box that was not compatible with the new light fixture so this meant we couldn’t just wire up the new light. We needed to go to Home Depot and get a larger pancake box and shorter screws for the fixture to work.

At one point I said that I was fine with no fixture. The room looked better already. Don’t you agree?

I was in no way missing the black light fixture.

But seeing the new fixture hung was worth it.

The new fixture has more of a modern diner feel to it than I would have liked but the room looks so much bigger. The new fixture instantly made the ceiling feel higher. And having three light bulbs instead of two is much better in the kitchen when prepping. While it’s not the light fixture of my dreams I think it is a major improvement and am happy that we don’t have to do more light fixture shopping!

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