Decision Paralysis

Howard has started to call my inability to make decisions “decision paralysis.” I can usually narrow the choices down to two but then look to others to make the final decision for me. As a results we’ve gotten nowhere with the bathroom project.

Until now.

We went ahead and put a new paint sample up the wall. This means we need to move forward and at least get the walls done. We picked out a darker color by Valspar called Cincinnation Hotel Briggs Beige. And it is by far the longest paint color name in the house!  I am hoping it will make the floor a little less pink for the time being. Eventually we will get the new tile installed, just not right now with the cat being sick. She doesn’t need anymore stress in her life.

In the nearer future I’d also like to change out the sink faucet. To everyone considering an oil rubbed bronze finish out there – don’t do it. It looks ok but it gets dirty and the sink drain looses its finish. At least ours has.

I also want to replace the spray painted toilet paper holder because obviously this one makes it too difficult to change the paper.

On another note, I realized once again, that I’m terrible at talking self portraits. How come everyone else with a blog manages to take cute photos of themselves in the mirror?

Is it Friday yet? I can’t wait to do some painting this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Decision Paralysis

  1. agoodehouse says:

    Choosing a paint color is so hard, isn’t it. I can go back and forth for weeks. Enjoyed looking at your posts. You have done a great job with your home. It’s so fun seeing people have such a good time making their homes lovely.
    P.S. I totally understand the cat stress. Happy cat, happy home!


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