Friday Garden Update

I am excited for some rain this weekend! That sounds crazy, right? It’s been so dry in the Northeast this spring that we desperately need some rain.  How else would our garden grow? Yesterday we saw a huge cloud of smoke in the sky on our drive home from a brush fire a few towns away. That is the first time I’ve heard of a brush fire near Boston.

The plants are loving the warmer than usual temperatures though. In just a week our peonies have grown a foot or more!

And our bleeding heart plant has started to come up. Did I ever tell you that we thought this was some kind of weed the first time we saw it?

The rhododendrons and red maple are bursting with color.

We will have to do a perimeter spray for deer after the rain stops this weekend because they are starting to munch on everything. The holly and tulips seem to be their favorites. The deer like to sleep behind our woodpiles. But soon this one will be gone.

We’ve already made a big dent in the pile. There’s Howard chopping wood in his work clothes.

We have filled the woodpile rack and cleaned up the second pile. I’m so very happy to say that operation woodpile management has been a success. Instead of a bunch of crazy woodpiles between trees we have two neat looking stacks.

And if you are wondering about Mishu, she seems to be doing about the same. She caught me a mouse outside this weekend and she still has her appetite.  I yelled “CHICK-EN!” last night and she happily ran back inside the house.

Aw, that’s my piggy kitty…

I hope everyone has a good weekend and I hope you don’t find any big spiders in the house!

I had to call for help to get rid of this one earlier this week. It’s the biggest spider I’ve seen inside. TGIF!

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