Nine Makeup Bags

My name is Ellen and I am known to hoard bath products. I would like to say it’s hereditary. But, only I can blame myself for this.

Who really needs nine cosmetic bags? I hate throwing things away and it’s a problem. In addition to the cosmetic bags I may have about six unfinished bottles of conditioner. Maybe more.  And a foam paint brush and some camping rope. And if you opened up our linen closet before I pulled everything out you might have thought that it looks pretty neat.

But I knew what was lurking in there.

And so I finally pulled everything out on a rainy Sunday afternoon. An empty linen closet looked so rewarding initially. It brought back memories of the day we moved in when I filled up this space with boxes that sat there for months.

But, I still had to deal with this. How did I let it get so bad in less than two  years?

I am going to blame the creation of baskets which helps everything appear neater than it really is.

So after some purging, I kept all of the conditioner of course, things were looking better. I have a good idea that I won’t need to buy nail polish, toothpaste, lipstick or mascara anytime in the near future.

The funny thing is that if you looked at our refrigerator it is the complete opposite and is almost always bare.

Do you secretly hoard something in your house? Do you dare share?

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