Cin-cin-ation Street

I’ve taken to calling the Cincinnation Hotel Briggs Beige paint Cin-cin-ation. And now I can’t get The Cure’s Fascination Street (with the words changed to Cin-cin-ation) out of my head. It’s time to make a decision folks! And you know how good we are at that. So let’s try a few more paint samples.

I really would have thought the hallway’s  Toasted Almond color by Olympic Paint would have been a winner. But it’s ridiculously light in color for this room. It’s the circular sample next to the door in this photo.

This test was just what I needed to be sure that a darker color is the way to go.

Because I have a whole sample of Cin-cin-ation (Street), I finished painting the wall below the window.

And to my surprise, it’s looking better once it is against the trim color. It appears that it only looks purplish next to the existing yellow-tan paint.  We may have a winner after all.

Mishu agrees and says get on with the painting already, this topic is so booooring!

Have you  ever gotten hung up on a paint color? For, say 3 months? Is that normal? Ok, don’t answer that one!

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