Friday Garden Update

I missed last Friday’s garden update because we were busy with a big pile of mulch. This week, its been rainy and cold. We’ve needed the rain for the garden, but the cold is preventing us from moving our indoor saplings out to the garden with the rest of the crop. Below you’ll see that our little crops are doing quite well for May. Along the back wall the peas are starting to come up and the spinach and chard are growing fast.

Behind the garden is the most impressive sea of purple wild flowers (aka weeds). This photo doesn’t really show how pretty they are.

Speaking of wild, our “forest” is starting to fill with all sort of vegetation including poison ivy. The poison ivy appears worse than past years. We are guessing that the mild winter may have contributed to this or it was our failed attempt at going 100 percent organic in the yard. I must research non-toxic ways to fight poison ivy. Until then, I will have to corral Mishu within the limits of the grassy part of the yard.

We have some mystery crops from last year coming up too. They are a mystery because we can’t remember what we planted here!

Our yard continues to surprise us with flowers we didn’t know we had.

The forsythia flowers are gone but now the lilacs are in full bloom. The flowers like to blossom on the highest branches – just out of reach.

How is your garden doing? I think we are off to a good start for the first week in May. Have a great weekend everyone!

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