The Money Plant

To my disappointment some of my weekend photos did not save. That means I am left with some partial blog posts to start the week.  So for today, I am revisiting the purple flowers behind the garden. Shall we figure out what they are?

A few relatives, with greener thumbs than I, chimed in that they are likely money plants or dames rocket. Everyone agreed they are not weeds.

Dames rocket appears to be the correct plant but the leaves are slightly different. Dames rocket is an invasive species that is banned in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Colorado. It would make sense to find an invasive species in a woodsy residential area.

Money plant, or lunaria annua, is the correct answer (Thanks Veronica for figuring this one out!). This plant creates the silvery “money” seed pods or silver dollars I picked last fall here.  Also commonly known as “honesty,” these flowers are very popular with butterflies and bees.

Can you see that the leaves are a little different from the dames rocket? The flowers almost look identical!

This is a biennel plant which explains why we didn’t see it last year. It’s very pretty and seems to be well managed in the woodsy part of the yard that separates us from our neighbors.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! And I hope I can retrieve or retake some of the lost photos this week!

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