Sea Glass by the Sea Shore

Howard and I keep saying that sea glass is a thing of the past. When you walk the beaches today it’s nearly impossible to find any tumbled sea glass washed up on the shore. But we did find some this weekend on Rexhame Beach in Marshfield!

Until now I had a theory that improvements in trash and recycling collection has resulted in fewer bottles dumped out at sea. And I am partially correct according wikipedia:

Authentic sea and beach glass is becoming harder and harder to find for a variety of reasons: there are more people searching for it; glass items have been replaced by plastics; and littering is increasingly discouraged.

I hate to think that glass is being replaced by plastics. This is why we have the great pacific garbage patch. Yuck.

Finding those few pieces was not easy and I’m left wondering if I was just better at finding sea glass as a kid when I had nothing else on my mind and could devote my full attention to the search. Or maybe I was just closer to the ground when I was little which made the pieces easier to find?

So, we have started a sea glass collection just incase this is a rare thing of the future. I’m hoping its not.

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