The Mini Herb Garden

It is still a little early in the Northeast to plant the planter boxes but we did pick up a few herbs at Home Depot. Typically, we like to support our local garden stores but I couldn’t resist the colorful garden center this past weekend. Plus, I’ve had a hankering to grow some dill. I love to add dill to my salads and I’ve read that rosemary helps keep mosquitoes away so we got some of that too.

The herbs came in a compostable container so there was no plastic to throw away. Bonus!

We filled up one of our window boxes with some organic fill and put the planter on the deck.

Mmm, mmm – those plants smell really good!

We also picked up some seeds to start some black eyed susans, coreposis, lavender and catnip. I read that catnip, lavender and black eyed susans keep deer and thus deer ticks away. After finding a deer tick in the yard I may have freaked out a bit and now require a vegetative barrier to repel the deer who I very much adored up until now.

These plants are also on the deck, but around the corner and out of sight since they are in cardboard boxes.

Do you keep an herb garden? Any natural tips to keep those pesky mosquitoes and ticks away?

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