Friday Garden Update

I can’t believe it’s time for a Friday garden update again. Please don’t hate me for posting only outdoor photos this week. The only other alternative was to take you on a spring window washing adventure and that really sounds boring! But, the windows do look fantastic. Or at least they did until it rained all week. Let’s hope the rain helps this garden to grow!

The spinach is almost ready to start picking. I might make myself a mini salad this weekend to promote its growth. The chard and peas are also doing very well. We planted the cucumbers this weekend and transplanted the brussels sprouts from indoor to outdoor. We have our fingers crossed that the rain this week didn’t wipe them out.

We also added some begonias to the landscaping at the end of the driveway. I’ve never planted begonias before and only chose them since their label said they like no more than three hours of sun.

I’m hoping these are perfect for our shady driveway!

We also planted the pumpkin seeds but in a different location this year. We chose the back of our lot next to the wood pile so the pumpkins have room to spread out. Last year they kept trying to inch their way into our garden and made mowing the lawn a challenge.

It looks like the rain will finally end here in time for the weekend and we’ll have a sunny Saturday.  I can’t wait to spend some more time outdoors. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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