Butterflies are Good for Your Garden

We are always adding new plants to our yard that attract bees and butterflies. I am still terrified of bees (and never been stung) but understand that they are beneficial for our garden and our planet. Our latest purple salvia plant brags that it attracts butterflies on the tag.

And sure enough, not five minutes went by before butterflies were attracted to it. The monarch butterflies appeared to be chasing away other smaller white butterflies that would land on the plant. It was fun to watch and impossible to capture on camera. Butterflies seem to never stop fluttering around!

The plant also attracted a honey bee the same afternoon it was planted. This was the first time I have seen a honey bee in the yard. The honey bees are dying and that is a scary thing. There are some theories that the food crop pesticides are killing the bees. Another theory speculates that there is a type of mite that is killing the bees. But really, scientists don’t know what is causing them to died. The decline in honey bee colonies is impacting farmers across the country and what you eat at your table. We are doing our best to add plants like our bee balm (below next to the salvia) that attract bees and hopefully, help them survive.

So why are butterflies and bees a good thing for your garden?

  • They are great pollinators. No pollinators? No plants next year!
  • Butterflies start as caterpillars which are food for birds and an important part of our ecosystem.
  • They are pretty to look at; and
  • They give your cat endless hours of chase time.

Mishu did not harm any bees or butterflies (to my knowledge). She only thought she caught them in these photos!

Have you started seeing bees and butterflies in your garden this year?

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