What cha been up to?

After a week of not posting on the blog, I mentioned to Howard that I’m over it. While this blog was fun initially, the thrill of it is starting to wear off. At first I was meeting a lot of new virtual friends, sharing the story of our house, seeing the site traffic skyrocket and then everything became normal. I was toting my big camera everywhere and struggling to come up with something interesting to say. My traffic has leveled off and all I can seem to talk about these days are the plants.

So how did Howard react? He said he liked the blog! This is the same man who met my initial blog site with disapproval and a roll of the eyes. This is the man who still refuses to have his face on this page. But, knowing that, on some level, he’s proud of my little blog  makes it worth it.

So, what have we been up to?

With the beautiful weather there has been a lot of yard work. We’ve been maintaining the yard and fending off critters (but I’ll talk about that later this week). We have been enjoying our time with cancer kitty. And I’ve been soaking up the sun and relaxing. All sans the camera.

Nine days without any photographs to be exact.

So, what’s changed?

And, what’s the same? Except for a skittle sized bump on the side of her nose, Mishu is still hanging in there.

I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day weekend as much as us!

2 thoughts on “What cha been up to?

  1. Heather says:

    Im so sorry about Mishu. Big hugs to you. My first dog had cancer and so I know how scary and sad it is.

    The gardens and yard look great! Good job, E and H!!!!

    We have been busy, mostly purging JUNK! We emptied a lot of the garage and had a yardsale this weekend. I want to hang up pegboards and get the garage completely organized. It is still full of my Grandmother’s stuff that she stored there years ago. Im still not ready to go through it all, but atleast I purged a lot of our stuff that was in there and not being used. Maybe by summers end we will have another sale and empty a lot more out. Eventually we’d like to turn the garage into a livingroom so the more we do, the faster that could become a reality.

    As for our gardens, we have our eggplants and tomatoes growing. Our veggie garden is pretty tiny. We thought about making larger vegetable gardens this spring but with the new baby, we just have no time. Last summer we ate eggplant non stop. Lasagna, parmagiana, eggplant chips, grilled eggplant, marinated eggplant burgers, etc. We are hoping our eggplants are as abundant this summer!! We have a tiny little cropshare here in our neighborhood. Last year we shared our eggplants, and red and green peppers. Our neighbor next door shared his carrots and lettuce and across the street, one has chickens for eggs and the others have a bunch of different veggies. We are pretty lucky! It saves us a ton of money at the market or at Jack and the Beanstalk.

    Hope you are doing well. I love the blog and always look forward to updates.

    Miss and love you!!


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