This Means War

Yesterday, I posted this recent photograph of our garden.

Did you notice anything strange about it? Look closer.

We have a chipmunk hole in the middle of our garden!  And it has eaten all of our edamame sprouts and seeds! We have grown edamame for the past five-ish years and have never had this problem before!

This little rascal filled up his cheeks early one morning – I caught him stuffing his face from  my bathroom window and he’s been back every day since!

Howard has filled in the hole. And the chimpmunk has made it bigger!

We have had Mishu chase him from the garden. But he returns.

We have put cat and human urine around the perimeter – he doesn’t mind.  You’d think this chipmunk were part honey badger!

I even made him a smoothie of garlic, hot peppers and oil.

It smelled very potent when blended.

And he was still back this morning.

Has anyone had any luck of keeping chipmunks out of the garden? I see a few options: trap it, kill it, or feed it.  And I don’t like any of those ideas.

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