The Rose Garden

I have been asking Howard for roses for what seems like forever. Finally, he decided we could buy an “anniversary” rose plant over the weekend. After a lot of research on the different types of roses, we settled on a climbing rose with big bright flowers that is able to stand temperatures to -20F.

I always thought the roses would go on the side of the house and camouflage the chimney and air conditioning unit.

But once we got the trellis and rose bush home, I decided that it looked much better on the front of the house where we will be able to see it from the street.

The best part is that we realized after we planted the rose bush, that you can see the plant from inside the house when you come down the stairs in the morning.

We had a weekend full of gardening and spray painting so be sure to stop by for updates this week! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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