Friday Garden Update

This week we planted the remaining edamame seeds in the garden. Three days passed, and then I spied that rotten little chipmunk. We surrender. You win chipmunk. We will have no crops on the left side of our garden. Happy now?

The better news, is that the right side of our garden is abundant with spinach, chard, and beets. I guess chipmunks are fans of the leafy greens!

Howard made me a huge pot of soup last Sunday night with the rainbow chard. It was amazing and it was a good decision to eat it while the weather was still cool.

The sugar snap peas are also faring well and giving us two servings each weekend which is the perfect amount. I couldn’t eat them everyday.

This week temperatures rose into the 90’s. That is good news for our peppers but probably not great news for the flowers in our yard. We are doing our best to keep them hydrated but we have been on a water ban for the past month already.  We have been turning to the rain barrel for most of our flowers’ needs.

How is your garden doing? Any creepy critters reeking havoc with your plants? I’ve heard a few stories already this year! It’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones.

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