Storage Space

This post isn’t about finding more storage space at our house, we have plenty of that. In fact, too much that we’ve managed to accumulate a lot of crap-ola. Pardon my french.

I’m talking about storage space on the blog. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I am out of media storage.

I learned that it would only cost about $20 to buy more storage to last me the next year or two. But, until I’m ready to part with that twenty, I’ve been deleting photos that I have uploaded but haven’t posted. It surprised me to learn that I have 1,753 photos uploaded. A good chunk of these photos were never used in the blog posts. I used to upload all of my weekend photos and then write the posts during the week. Now I blog more on a post-to-post basis because I have an SD card with my camera which makes the process much easier.

So what photos haven’t I shared? I have some from our wedding three years.

In our effort to keep the blog semi-private, I’ve never shared the details of that day.

And I must have a million shots of the garden beds around the house.

And then there are the dozen or more failed headers that I created when I switched up the look of my page last year.

Slowly I’ve been deleting all of these files which should afford me a few more weeks of posting.  Hopefully, I don’t mess anything up.

If you’ve wondered where the blog has been lately, the best I can say is that it’s taking a summer vacation. With the warmer days  we are spending more time going out after work and on the weekends and spending less time working on the house. Our time at home is spent doing errands, going for walks and enjoying the time left with Mishu.  She is starting to see more and more bad days. She did run the chipmunk up into the gutter last week so I know she not going without a fight!

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