Not a ‘Hole’ Lot of Success

There is still a void  in our backyard from where the big tree used to be. If you missed the day the trees came down you can catch up here.

I still miss the shade and the hole that was left has failed to grow grass to our satisfaction.

When we last left the hole, it looked like this.

Our first attempt at patching the lawn meant adding some top soil and grass seed.

When this failed, Howard decided to dig everything back up right down to the remains of the tree trunk.

He used a sieve to clean out the good earth from the ground stump remains.

And when that grew too tiresome, we went to the nursery and bought 10 bags worth of top soil to fill the hole. With a lot of watering, and a little luck, we finally have some grass growing in.

It’s summer now and I’m content sitting around watching the grass grow.  How about you?

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