Planters – Take 2

When it comes to picking out flowers for our garden planters, I really have a knack of picking out flowers that don’t last long. Or my brown thumb has a way of killing them off sooner than later.

The only plants that are looking healthy are the boston ferns which I moved out of the direct sun to a shady spot on the deck.

Even our window box, which is in part shade, has not done well this year.

So, we took another trip back to the nursery to look for new summer flowers. We were surprised to find relatively the same flower selection. With hopes of updating the window box, we picked up a new purple petunia. Only I realized that the root of the plant was too big for the window box when I got it home so it ended up in one of the garden pots.

We also picked up another pink plant which claims to have high heat tolerance. This replaced the sad looking daisies.

Only I couldn’t give up the miniature daisies quite yet. I still see some hope for them.

I’m staring to think that my plant hoarding could get as bad as my bath product hoarding if I’m not careful!

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