Friday Garden Update

This week the spinach bolted in the garden. The hot weather, and our lack of trimming, made this plant go into overdrive.

It was delicious while it lasted, but was not a favorite from the garden. Maybe that’s because I found a spider in my salad.

To my surprise, we have cucumbers growing along the perimeter of the garden. The spinach was shading these plants from view.

So, out with the old and in with the new.  The new includes a store bought cherry tomato plant and a red pepper plant. We don’t usually “cheat” on our garden with store bought plants but this time it made sense since the chipmunk ate all the edamame and we needed some plants to fill up the space.  According to Howard, if we get two peppers and a pint of tomatoes we break even on cost.

And how’s Mishu doing? (Maybe this should be the Friday Garden and Cat update?!) She’s hanging in there.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend! See you next week.

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