Chip Chippin’ Away

Back when we had the trees cut down, I had the idea to make an end table out of one of the many logs we were left with.

The select piece has been sitting in our driveway on blocks to allow the air to circulate and dry out the wood. Until recently, this was one of Mishu’s favorite scratching posts.

After months and months of drying out, I finally decided to try chipping away at the bark.

I expected to invest a few hours over the course of several weeks to remove all the bark using a chisel.

But, with Howard’s help, we managed to strip the entire log in about an hour!

We decided that the wood was still pretty moist so we put the stripped log in the garage to dry out even more.

The log is too long to be an end table at the moment so we’ll have to try to square it off.  Then we’ll have to sand it and decide whether we want to stain or seal it.  I really have no idea of this project is going to turn out. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Chip Chippin’ Away

  1. Heather says:

    spray paint it gold!!! lol, j/k! Your ideas are much better than mine. Im sure it is going to be very cool when finished. Have you gotten any inspirations for it on Pinterest?


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