A Soggy Night

On Wednesday night we were surprised with a severe pop-up thunderstorm. I was ready to head to bed when we heard the sound of mothball sized hail hitting the windows. The yard was immediately littered with leaves and branches.

The basement also began to show signs of water. The water was coming in along the pipes behind the washer and dryer. It wasn’t enough water to make us worried, but it was enough to make us wonder why this is happening. Right outside the foundation is the gravel area where we have the rain barrel.

And we saw that this area was entirely flooded with rain water.

The water has nowhere to drain except down into the gravel and follow the pipes into the basement. Howard plans to dig this area up and re-grade it. In the meantime, he dug some trenches to allow the water to drain into the yard.

Doesn’t it look lovely? It looks like we might be digging a big hole this weekend to patch up the pipes and then we’ll have to re-grade this area. I’ve been wanting to lay down a stone patio instead of having gravel here. That would be a lot more work so it’s something to think about.

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