Other Yard Happenings

I realize that this summer the blog has been filled with mainly garden posts. We spend most of our time in yard trimming hedges, watering flowers, mowing the lawn, etc. that it’s been hard to find the time or the will to put any energy into other home improvements. So, I thought I’d share some recent photos of other happenings in our yard beyond the garden fence.

The heat and humidity have taken a toll on a lot of the plants with the exception of the Boston fern. We have two ferns in shady locations that are thriving in the heat!

And then there are the black eyed susans which are in full bloom.

I may have complained that our hydrangea were late to bloom, but they have long outlasted the neighbors’ flowers. Their shady spot might have helped them fare better than usual this year.

Mishu’s garden of impatiens and begonias is full of color in the forest.

Because we spend most of our weekend days outside in the yard, there have also been fewer photos of me. And when I do talk Howard into taking photos I end up looking like this.

And quickly realize that maybe I should shower and do my hair first.

Yup. Keeping it real.

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