Friday Garden Update

TGIF! It was a very busy week for us. We never made it to the grocery store which was ok because the garden continues to give us lots of fresh veggies!

I thought it was time to give an update on the pumpkin patch since there was a glimpse of it in the hops post here.

And we have our first baby pumpkin!

I’ve been raving a little prematurely about our brussels sprouts this year. I was so-oo excited that they appeared to be thriving after a tough year last year. Only the bugs have found them… again.

To try to keep the pests away we decided to spray the garden this year with Captain Jack’s deadbug brew. This spray is a bacterium for organic gardening. It is the same stuff we use to spray the trees in the spring to keep away those pesky winter moths (more here). Still, it isn’t a decision we look lightly. In the past we had a 100% organic yard until the house was full of creepy crawlers and the lawn started to look not so healthy. We still try our best to keep our house as natural and chemical free as possible.

I’m hoping things slow down for the weekend so we can enjoy the time planned with some good friends! Have a great weekend everyone!

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