Log Sanders

I guess we could call this Chapter 2 of the log end table saga. If you missed Chapter 1, you can check it out here.

This second part includes squaring off the wood and making it level. We weren’t really sure how to go about this, so we measured off the height difference between the two sides and then used a strap as a guide to mark where we Howard should cut.

You didn’t really think I’d be wearing steel toed boots on a sunny Sunday afternoon, did you?

I have to brag about my husband’s lumberjack skills. He sawed a perfectly straight line on the first attempt!

Then it was up to me to decide how tall the table should be. A standard garden stool is 18 inches high but I liked the idea of this being a little bit taller so I went ahead and measured out 20 inches all the way around and then again traced a line.

Howard jumped back into the action but found the second cut to be a little more challenging.

It turns out he was cutting right into a nail. A half-inch higher or lower and he would have missed this nail entirely.

After squaring off the table it was time to sand the wood.

And sand some more.

We talked about cutting the log again to take out the nail since the nail is on the better side of the table. But then we decided that maybe it’s a conversation piece?

If all goes well, we have one more day of sanding and then we can stain and seal up this project.

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