Friday Garden Update

I know it’s not Friday but I’m taking the rest of this week off so, to me, it is Friday! Hooray! The weather for the rest of this week looks sunny and delightful so I don’t plan on spending it on the computer.

I spent a good amount of time in the garden this weekend trimming the chard. A lot of the leaves were knocked over from our out-of-control tomato plant.

I had no idea I looked quite so Gollum-like when I waddled around the garden. Howard said he was working on his artistic photos.

And all my hard work paid off in a giant batch of chard. At $3.99 a bunch at the grocery store, this vegetable has been the proven winner this summer!

Before I get this early weekend started, I have to share one more thing. We found a baby squash that had fallen off the vine doing an impression of a pumpkin candy corn!

I hope everyone has a holiday weekend!

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