Adios Gravel Patch

Over Labor Day weekend, we were back on the case of the poor drainage out back by the rain barrel (more here). I use the term “us” in a broad sense since I was actually lounging on the Cape while Howard moved the pea stone gravel, dug a hole and filled around the pipes with mortar. I promise you I brought back a sunny smile. What I returned to was a relatively less disastrous scene than what I anticipated based on the photos he had sent during the day.

The big question was, what do we do with this former gravel area now? Do we put the gravel back? I voted against restoring this area to its former state since weeds were always popping out of the gravel and it never looked good.

I had considered putting down pavers for a short time until I admitted to myself that no one would ever sit in this shady area outside of the kitchen and bathroom. So it dawned on me that we should extend the mulch bed and plant some new shade plants here. The ones we have planted to date have done a great job of hiding the concrete foundation and making the back of the house look better. Plus, the idea of adding a raised bed should naturally help the water flow away from the house.

To suggest where the new mulch area will be, we used the bricks that formerly divided the lawn from the gravel. I then built up a mini wall next to the lattice to stop the mulch from touching the wood. Wet mulch would surely rot the underside of our porch and we don’t need another project on our hands right now.

Howard then added back some of the pea stone gravel which will help the dense soil drain and provides us with a nice temporary walking zone to the re-installed rain barrel.

Then it was time for me to finally help by doing something other than taking photos and yapping.  After all, I am the expert grass seed spreader in the family. This has been proven by my former experience seeding along the side of the road.

So now we are literally waiting for grass to grow.

Once the grass is establish, as in next year, we will fill in the rest of the mulch bed and bring home some new plants. In the meantime, we’ll be looking for somewhere to dump the gravel in case we need it for another day.

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