Friday Garden Update

Our garden has been suffering from the lack of rain this summer. Everything looks green but we had a little problem. Our tomatoes started falling off the vine before turning a ripe red. I think this is from inconsistent watering – or lack thereof.  I was hoping to have some pretty tomatoes to share this week but alas, we only have a few that ripened on the counter in the kitchen.

The brussels sprouts have made a strong comeback after we sprayed them with the organic bacteria to keep the pests away. I can’t wait to roast these up in the oven. I was hoping to have the carrots to go with them, but the carrots just don’t taste good. They are nice and orange but taste like dirt. Next year we’ll try a different variety.

The kale is starting to sprout which will be very welcome in our diet after months and months of chard.

The best part of the fall is watching the little pumpkins grow.

If you’ve noticed that our garden is green but our lawn not-so-much, all I can say is that we are working on it. We filled a wheelbarrow full of weeds from the front yard alone last week. As much as I support organic products at home, it did not do a good job of keeping our lawn green and healthy.

I promise we’ll be pulling more weeds this weekend.

Have a good weekend!

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