Friday Garden Update

It’s been a quiet week on the blog. We haven’t done much at home other than watch grass grow. And I really mean that literally.

It looks like we planted seeds from a chia pet where the gravel used to be.

I’m starting to see signs of fall everywhere this week. The stonecrop is turning pink and the pumpkins are getting cuter by the day.

The garden kale is coming in strong, but who cares about the kale-to-come when we have a whole crop of crazy cucumbers?

The cucumbers have gotten so out of control that are even attempting cucumber suicide by growing into the garden wire!

We also have a new member of the family to introduce. In Mishu’s memory my mother gifted us an azalea . We planted the bush at the end of the driveway where something was missing. It should grow to be about 3-5 feet and turn a fire-red this fall.

It looks like we’ll have some good rainy grass growing weather this weekend! What do you have planned?

2 thoughts on “Friday Garden Update

    • designing main street says:

      Don’t give up! Our garden did not do well its first year. It takes some trial and error to learn what works for your environment. Our tomatoes were a complete failure this year! I recommend searching for garden plot plans for your zone – it will help you know what to plan and when. Thanks for stopping by!


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