Ladder Up

I crushed all our plans for  fun on Sunday because I decided it was time to finish staining the house. Did you think we were done? After many many days of staining last year we finished all but one face of the house. This was the face where the power lines connected and is tough to get at  because of the tree.

To get to this part of the house was easier said than done. We spent a good part of the day moving around ladders. And planters.

I was pretty much scared to death as my husband danced from roof to roof. I felt pretty helpless knowing my job was to run and call 911 if things should go wrong. I didn’t even get a photo of the scariest part because I was glued to the bottom of the slipping ladder.

While the ladders were up, he even took the time to paint the trim up high. And it looks so good. And it feels so good to be done. Here is a before and after shot.



I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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