Friday Garden Update

We are still getting our fill of cucumbers this week. And lots of beets! I’ve never been a huge fan of beets until I had the beets from our garden. Wowee – they are really good!

Howard pulled the tomato plant and we have declared it a failure. The plant took over the entire garden and was producing green tomatoes that would fall to the ground. No loss in pulling this plant.

To my surprise, I stumbled on a single strawberry this week.  We planted two strawberry plants in the spring and have witnessed a few green strawberries but none of them made it to a ripened red.

Next year, once the plants are well established, we’ll have to make some sort of caged area to keep out the critters. Let’s hope our favorite little chipmunk friend doesn’t have a thing for strawberries too!

Aside from the garden, Howard’s mom gave us two budding mum plants in urns. She picked out a deep red color which is a perfect match to the front door!

I put one on the front steps and one at the back door.

Since we never use the front door we wouldn’t enjoy the flowers if both planters were there.

This weekend I am planning to do some pumpkin picking from our little pumpkin patch! What do you have planned?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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