Valance Planning

Now that the headboard is done, it is time to start thinking about how the custom window treatment is going to look.

(ppst.. if you missed the awesome headboard project, you can check it out here)

I plan to take down the long curtains and make a valance for the window with the same fabric as the headboard. When I ordered the Waverly Ellis fabric, I made sure to order an extra yard for the window. There is only one window in the guest room so the job should be pretty easy. The long curtains were a left-over from our old dining room. I only hung them up in the guest room to block out the light before we installed shades. The last owners robbed us of all of the window blinds when they moved and this room gets stray headlights in the window from time to time. So putting up our old dining room curtains (which are also in the family room now here) was a quick fix.

My first idea was to build a cornice for the window but my husband has poo-pooed that idea. Actually, he voiced his opinion in a stronger manner but for the sake of keeping this blog G-rated I’ll skip the exact conversation.

Making a cornice would require less work for me because I wouldn’t need to measure, iron and sew.  But, I understand that making a cornice would require my husband’s help to cut the wood and mount the finished product on the wall. I understand his dislike.

Back to the valance idea. There are a few options that could work. I plan to use the existing window hardware because it’s already mounted and that makes life easier.

The easiest option would be to make something like these choices:

I even found a valance online in the same Waverly Ellis fabric for $50 at Etsy.

But, what I’d really like to do, is create a pleated valance. Only, the pleated valances also need to be mounted to a board almost like a cornice but loose at the bottom.

Another idea is to make a flat valance or have it drop with hardware rings. We have spare rings stashed away but it seems odd to use them on a valance after seeing this photo.

My next step is to take down the exiting curtains and play with the fabric room to see what works. I’ll use some pins to see if I can convince myself that a standard quick-sew valance is the way to go. I’m not yet convinced, so this project might be put on hold until I’ve figured things out.

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to get this window treatment done without involving the husband?

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