Friday Garden Update

I didn’t get to post so many things I had on my mind this week. Work was so busy that life sort of flew by.

And I did not get one photo of the garden.

But, I did pick some pumpkins or squash if you want to get all technical about it.

Aren’t they little cuties??

And I did finally give the cactus a new pot. Remember when I knocked him over here?

I gave up on trying to find a pretty pot that didn’t look silly for a cactus and bought a cheap clay pot at Home Depot. The cactus desperately needed some new soil and nutrients. He expressed his discontent with his previous pot by pricking me while I tried to pack down the soil.

But, I think he’s much happier now.

Is it weird that I refer to our plants and he and she? Maybe I should start giving the plants names like the  tree “Big Mossy.”

I promise to get some garden shots this weekend and eat at least one more cucumber. We’ve been cucumber free this week after eating too many of them this summer.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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