Rainy Weekend

It was a wet and soggy weekend. This kind of weather isn’t good for much except for growing grass. Check out how well the chi pet grass project (here) has filled in behind the house. It’s a bright green shade of grass.

Since it is prime grass growing weather, we pulled more weeds and seeded the front lawn only the rain picked up the second I went inside to grab my camera.

Howard said something about needing to rake leaves but I chose to ignore this suggestion for now. Who wants to rake in the rain?

We picked a few more veggies from the garden although the plants are showing signs of slowing.

Our first pumpkin was picked a little prematurely since the stem was showing signs of rot. It should turn more orange in a few days as it ripens.

The pumpkin patch continues to have more flowers but is not as healthy as it was last year (see it here and here).

But it is fun to collect the mini squash!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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