Friday Garden Update

Another week flew by and it might be classified as the most grey and damp week we’ve had in Boston this year. Bluck.

The damp weather meant good growing conditions for all things fall. For example, the montauk daisies, mums and sedum are showing their colors.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that summer is over.  The garden is starting to turn a little yellow.

Yet, we still have some crops to munch on. I never thought I’d be eating roasted carrots during a football game but they turned out to be one of my favorite football snacks.

I thought the roses would have died by now but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see our anniversary rose bush brings us flowers in the summer and fall without any extra special attention.  The buds were turned into the side of the garage by my hand as I try to teach it to climb the trellis. You can see some new buds forming towards the sky if you look closely.

If the rain ever stops Howard has big plans to mow the lawn this weekend! And I’ll be doing some pumpkin picking at a real pumpkin patch.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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