Coffee Table Update

Last summer we scored a beautiful coffee table that was the perfect scale for our narrow family room.  I talked the sellers down to $60 for the solid wood table. Howard declared its value at a ridiculous price of $2,000 at the time. If you missed it, you can see it’s big reveal here.

Since the table has some water damage, we’ve always had plans to refinish it. And I’ve been scared that doing it ourselves would surely ruin the table.

I contacted a company that restores old furniture. They asked for some photos and dimensions of the table. I expected the quote to come in at more than we paid for the table but I didn’t quite expect the quote to be $660-$742!


Can you hear me cry-laughing now?!

The company declared the table a beautiful piece – although they might say that to everyone. They think the table is rosewood and asked if there are any signatures or markings. Which there are some hand markings underneath – but I don’t recall them meaning much to us.

I’m left with the feeling that this beauty will have to remain a diamond in the rough. In its current condition we aren’t afraid to put our feet up on it which has a nice appeal.

Have you ever had furniture professionally refinished? Was it worth the money? Maybe someday I’ll splurge on fixing this one up but not today.

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