Time to Win Some Custom Furniture!

I’m so very late in letting folks know about the great promotion going on at Bassett Furniture.  But, don’t be too mad because I only learned about this promotion last weekend after seeing it advertised on HGTV.

There are only a few days left but it doesn’t mean you can’t still win!!

The best thing about this promotion is that you get to design the furniture yourself.  Each day they are giving away a custom piece of furniture in your fabric and finish. Fun, right?

While I  have had very little time to blog or keep up with house projects this fall, I did find time to pick out some custom furniture pieces.  After all, how is our finished basement ever going to be ‘finished’ without the sectional I’ve been dreaming of?  When I designed this sofa I was so confident that I would win that I even made the legs onyx to match our Pottery Barn coffee table.

I also picked out a few statement pieces that we do not have room for but would surely be welcomed.

Since this furniture would be free to us, I thought I would dare venture into ivory couch land. Never in my life would I buy a white or ivory couch. But, if someone gave it to me, how could I refuse its beauty??

Have you been entering the Bassett Furniture contest? Tell me which piece is on your must have list!

All photos from Bassett Furniture

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