Friday Garden Update

It’s been raining here. A lot. And it’s been so dark out in the morning and the evening. I’ve barely stepped out of the house to take a photo. So that is my excuse for failing to post a decent Friday Garden Update.

The cucumbers have died away which I am actually happy about because we have grown sick of cucumbers for this year. With the cold weather they started to taste bitter or sour anyways.  With the exception of the kale and rainbow chard, this might be the last harvest of the season.

The weather has been so damp that even our mum on the front step is starting to look a little sad. It didn’t help that we had our first hard frost this week too.

My favorite part of the week was witnessing three baby goldfinches on the aster outside of the living room window.  They didn’t seem to mind me taking photos right up to the glass.

These little guys were eating the seeds left behind and I actually witnessed one feeding the other one.  Can you see them on the right? So cute!

This weekend is looking sunnier which is great because I really need to spend some time raking leaves. It’s been a couple of weeks since I first mentioned that chore and haven’t gotten to it yet.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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