Friday Garden Update

Another week flew by and I never got post the photos I planned to share. I wish I had more time at home with good sunlight so I could play with the new lens Howard bought me.  Hopefully, I’ll have time this Sunday. We have a project planned which is completely new to me. So check back next week to see the results. Or if we actually got it done.

So, what’s new?

The back porch and front steps have been adorned with pumpkins.

Do you like the green one that we grew? For some reason it has refused to turn orange!

It’s really starting to look like fall here. The leaves are falling. I think towards Boston there is prime foliage about now.

Howard has been busy cleaning up the sticks that have piled up. Despite the cooler air he insists on getting the most out of the fall.

I greatly appreciate his hard work and have happily stood back and taken some self portraits. As silly as these are they come in handy when it’s time to make a photo album or family calendar. You can see my summer tan has faded but I have a few freckles left.

Oh, so time to start talking about the garden. It’s thinning out.

The rainbow chard continues to be my favorite. I can’t believe we have had chard all summer. And now that it’s fall, the plants are thriving even more with the cooler weather presenting us with bold colored stems.

The kale has been a bit of a failure this year. It turns out that some pesky aphids found a new home and have infested the leaves.  Fortunately, they just like the kale and leave the lettuce that is co-mingling with the kale alone.

We will be bracing ourselves for Sandy. Hopefully we won’t lose power for a week like we did with Irene here.

Have a great weekend!

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