Belated Halloween

Our Halloween was delayed until this past Saturday because of Hurricane Sandy. We were ok in the storm and so very grateful that all of our family and loved ones are safe.

Having Halloween delayed meant that I had a little extra time to decorate. And we had the chance to score some new tiki torches at an Estate Sale in town on Saturday morning. We’ve learned in the few years that we’ve lived in our house that trick-or-treaters will not visit us unless we really light up the driveway.

I strung up the ghost lights from Target but did not carve the big pumpkin as planned since it went a little soft with the damp weather.

The coffee can lanterns that I made last year made a reappearance.

This year I decided to make the holes a little bigger using a drill.

Yes, I was even sporting my Halloween socks.

Anyways, drilling the coffee cans is not recommended as the holes get really sharp! I still stand by original tutorial which used a hammer and nail here.

After all of our decorating, we only had one visitor this year. I suppose the decorations couldn’t really be seen from the street.

I did hear one kid exclaim” hey, Dad! Can we go to THIS house?” but the father urged his son along.  It was very disappointing.  The good news is that we now have all of the leftover candy to ourselves!

How was your Halloween?

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