Zoo Animals

So, I’m quite convinced my animal collecting habit looks ridiculous.  But I don’t care.  Just look at this owl from West Elm. Hoo could resist taking him home?

He replaced the fish to help our mantel go from summer to fall.

And while we are collecting birds, why not get a sandpiper at West Elm as well? I’m not sure where this guy will ultimately land. For now he’s hanging out on the kitchen shelves.

Our West Elm purchases were made a few weeks ago. And were forgotten until we visited a local estate sale and purchase a few more animal. And then it really hit me just how crazy this is starting to look.

The brass reindeer is absolutely perfect for the holidays though. During the rest of the year I’ll tuck it away with the Christmas decorations.

And Howard (to my surprise) really wanted this brass cat doorstop. I think he’s missing our cat a little bit. This cat is currently hunting for a home in the house. We don’t really have a need for a doorstop.

Between all of the fish here, the other brass owls  here, the brass ducks here and the new animals, I am going to have to rotate them so not all of them are on show at once. How silly would that be?  At least we don’t have any stuffed animals lying around.

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