St. John

Things were quiet this week on the blog because we were on vacation on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. This trip was a much-needed vacation that included lots of adventures on an island surrounded by blue waters.

We went snorkeling, hiking, boating and swimming. We also rented a car to get and see more of the island. Our days were filled with beach after beach.

But I did think of the blog and took a few house photos to share. I figure these are close enough to staying with the theme of the blog. All of the houses are on steep slopes with driveways that look too dangerous to drive on.

This house was one of my favorites to gawk at from sea. Could you imagine sleeping well here?

And there was the rumored 40 million dollar house that sat on the point of the harbor outside out hotel. We were told this house only has one bedroom.

We also experienced a bit of island history and learned why much of the island is now a National Park. At one time the island was clear-cut for sugar cane.  The island was home to about 20,000 slaves who built stone walls and other infrastructure to support the failed sugar cane farming.

The abandoned buildings are now just home to a gazillion crabs!

Now we are unpacking and running errands. I hope everyone had a good week!

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