Measure Twice, Cut Once

I was back at the curtain project over the weekend. I had hung up a few samples to see what I wanted to do with the last yard of fabric from the DIY headboard project here.

The options were these:

Option 1 – To the Sill


Option 2 – To the Floor


Option 3 – Valance


Option 4 – Cornice The husband ruled out any other options.

This window gets the occasional stray headlight through the shade so it made the most sense to me to go with something that would help block out any extra light.

I’ve read that curtains should go to the sill or to the floor. And to the floor just looked like too much curtain for this room. So I measured 49 inches to the sill which would allow some length to sew or fabric tape a hem. Then everything went wrong. My gut said to “measure again. check it.” But I went ahead and cut the last yard of fabric to 39 inches long.

Wah, wah. And just like that I was left with a failed project on my hands. The fabric is discontinued to my options are slim.

And I’m so grateful that this cut only affected the fabric scrap intended for curtains.  Had I ruined something more important you might be getting some censored words here instead.

So remember, always measure twice and cut once!

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