Bathroom Update

I have to admit, I was a little surprised to hear from friends and family over Christmas that they check up on the blog so often. Which left me thinking that it’s time to explain the lack of posts recently. And this excuse really stinks: my SD card is messed up. Oh, and we’ve been busy with work and trying to relax a little more.  And what would I fill the blog with if we got the bathroom renovated in a week?

So, back to the bathroom. The last time I mentioned the formerly pink-floored room, it was no longer tiled. Well, maybe just one spot under the toilet. (That’s one of the more recent floor tiles we are contemplating in font of the toilet. It sort of has a nice drop-cloth grey to it, huh?)


The next task was to take out the closet next to the toilet. We debated keeping the closet or rearranging it to keep a kitty litter box inside. But, I think we both agree that a built-in cabinet will look the best and take up the least amount of space. As for the litter box, it’s not a problem since we lost Mishu.


The room is starting to feel better already. The toilet nook wasn’t really working unless you like a cozy little space to do your business.


So, what do we mean by a built-in cabinet? We are contemplating a standard base unit with granite on top that would then have a recessed tall cabinet to the ceiling. We had a hamper base unit priced out and it was a whopping $300 more to add a hamper pull-out.  This what the hamper pull-out would look like. Cool, but I think we can live without it or find an after-market kit.

Here are some photos that I think might help you to understand the tall cabinet idea that will replace the closet space. The little drawers are so cute but I don’t think they would get used knowing that the closet is primarily used for towels and cleaning supplies. We will likely add a base with a cabinet door and a top with a tall door as well. Sorry cute little drawers.

We are planning to take an extra long weekend to ring in the New Year. I am sure it will include some bathroom related planning. I’m looking forward to cleaning up the Christmas mess decorations and cooking some earthy food.

Remember the year I spent the whole New Years painting the upstairs bathroom vanity green here? Looking back, it was a terrible way to spend the holiday.  Happy New Year!

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