Getting Organized

Happy New Year! We were excited to get our first snow fall over the holiday. And I was relieved to see the rest of the kale and rainbow chard die for the winter. I’ve been feeling guilty for not picking it for the past month but it’s always dark and wet outside. Always.



We had a wonderful New Year and took advantage the holiday by taking a five-day weekend. Mostly the weekend was filled with movies and good food.


But we did also tackle a few projects that had been looming for too long.  Like cleaning inside the kitchen cabinets and getting organized.



I am almost embarrassed to say that our spices have been in moving boxes for over two years. We have thought about building a large lazy susan for the corner cabinet but our box method was working well. We liked taking all of the spices out while cooking, except for the fact that it was hard to tell what was what.


So, we picked up a couple of clear bins at Lowes with our Christmas gift cards.


And out came the label maker. This machine really doesn’t get enough use at our house but we put it to work.


The organized result almost makes me want to cook more. Almost. Ok, not at all. But at least the cardboard boxes are gone!DSC_0173

How did you spend your new year? Skiing on the slopes? In the sun of some exotic beach?
Happy New Year!

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