Bathroom Update

The bathroom renovation is slowly moving forward. Slowly means we will get things right – I hope.  No rushing into decisions.

In my last update (here) I mentioned that we are taking out the closest and going to install a tall built-in cabinet in its place. So we marked up the wall to see how the cabinet until would fit in. The granite counter was even roughly sketched.


Please ignore the eww gross on the wall. I have no idea what that is. It came with the house.


I think it’s pretty obvious that the light needs to taken out. We might do a recessed light in front of the cabinet though.


Howard also took down the wall between the shower and the toilet to understand how much wider, if at all, we can make the shower stall.  You can see the drain from the upstairs bathroom clearly now and understand why we couldn’t make a pretty tiled shower that was more open to the room.  I was dreaming of a nice half-wall next to the toilet but that would come with chore of moving the drain pipe.


The good news is that it does look like we can make the shower a little bigger. I’m talking inches bigger. The frame was already built around the existing drain pipe so there is no chance in moving the wall farther away from the toilet.  But that’s ok. I was getting used to the cozy toilet nook.

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